Monday, July 26, 2010

"Autumn Through the Leaves"

Photo Courtesy of GaiaOnline's member, x_xPockySaurx_x.
How beautiful is this photo? I just love the scenery. The owner was another nice member of; oh, how I love that website. First, I asked her if I could have permission to post her poem on here, and - not only was she kind enough to let me do that, but she also allowed me to share one of her amazing doll photos with all of you. The poem is below + an interview! All new questions, all new answers.

: "The Life Of a Doll" - written by's member, x_xPockySaurx_x.
"Stuck here in the lost and found,
Cold and abandoned, like a lost memory
Fallen into pieces from the unforgotten past
As time flies, all the dust fall

Sitting here waiting
With this sown on smile
Never knowing how long i may stay
Maybe forever, maybe a while

When finally, someone cares to pick me up
They hold me, gently to their heart
Pay a few cents, take me home
And sew me back into one part

From joyful laughter
into sorrowful tears
I'll be here forever and after
And conquer your fears

But soon I'll be outdated
Raggity and torn...." Click here to read the rest. While you're there, if you're a member of, be sure to leave a comment! If you're not a member of, no worries; leave a comment right here - I love comments. The interview (partially conversation) is below!

--Me: May I just ask you this; what inspired you to write that poem? Not only I - but I think my (blog) visitors would love to know, as well. :3

Her: My inspiration is simple, the love for my ball-jointed dolls. (:

Me: Aah! I want one of those dolls so badly. Ever since I started my blog, I just can't get over how awesome they seem. May I ask if you like to photograph them? Haha, I ask so many questions - apologies. xD

Her: I don't mind the questions at all. I'm actually having fun answering them. Yes, I do photograph them for my own personal enjoyment because they look so adorable. ;3; If you like, I can take a picture that you can feature in your blog as well. (:

Me: I know, they're too adorable, lol. May I ask if yours are custom made? Like, did you buy the wig, make-up, ETC? :) If I'd like? Haha, I'd love that! :D I mean, if it's not too much trouble, that is - because if it is, well then, that's alright; I'm thankful for the poem.

Her: I do have some custom made ones & others. It's not a hassle at all for a photograph I'm actually quite flattered at the moment. > A < This is my Sophia Rosy doll, yet to be named. This photo I titled,'Autumn through the leaves.' That dress, was handmade by me and I'm still so very fond with it!

Me: Oh yeah, that's %100 going on my blog, lol - amazing shot! :D I don't really know how much I should thank you, haha; thank you oh so very much! :) I'll show you the post once it's up.

I can't wait to see the post. (:--The End.

I know, I use "lol" way too much, along with too many smiley faces! Apologies, it's a habit; I try not to use them too much on this blog tho' - just while chatting with people.

-Just Lola

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