Friday, September 24, 2010

January in September

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First of all, what an elegant dress; I adore it + the hat that (very well) matches it. Her hair is simply beautiful and so is the scenery! Every detail about this photo just falls together so nicely. The doll's name is January. If you guessed that an interview with January's owner is below - well then, you guessed right; the quick interview is below!

What inspired you to take this picture?: I had just gotten a new outfit for January and wanted to take photos of her in it!

Besides dolls, what else do you enjoy taking pictures of?: Food, lightning, my cats... random things that I find amusing or cool. I just really enjoy photography all around.

What type of dolls are those in the picture (Barbie, Blythe, Bratz, etc....)?: January is a Luts Kid Delf Aru.

Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for the picture?: I may have used PaintShop Pro 7 to resize it and tweak the colours... but nothing beyond that. :)

You're awesome. Haha, thank you so much!: Yay! You're welcome!-- The End.

P.S. January's owner has a doll blog, as well - and it's very nice; there are tons of fun, brightly colored doll photos on there. Click here to check out it!

-Just Lola

Friday, September 10, 2010

So, how's the weather?

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First post of September! Apologies, you guys, I've been having trouble finding things for this blog; it's not as easy as it may look. Still, of course, I love working on this blog - but don't just want to post anything on here; I want only the best for you guys, such as.... two amazingly beautiful drawings! The artist's name is Caroline, and she was so nice. I mean, really, just read the interview (I was able to get with her) below, and you'll see how nicely she answered each and every question. Ah, I love complimenting people; it's too much fun! Anyway, as I was saying, there's an interview below; stroll down to check it out. Also, for more beautiful photos, be sure to check out Caroline's DeviantArt gallery!

--What inspired you to take those pictures?: Hmm. What inspired me..I was doing my science homework and coloring in pi charts. I got bored and started doodling and drawing suns and clouds. (:

What's your favorite thing to take pictures of?:
My favorite thing to take pictures of are flowers, especially when they have great contrast and some sort of bug on them. (:

What type of pencils are those in the pictures?:
The pencils in those pictures are Crayola, I believe.

What was the weather like, the day you took those pictures?:
The weather was partially cloudy out if I can remember correctly.

Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for those pictures?:
I'm not the best at photoshop, so I just stick to using the editing software iPhoto (it came automatically on my iMac). Thanks(:-- The End.

-Just Lola
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