Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Wednesday!

Photo Courtesy of the Lovely "AnEarnestSmile("
No, not Wednesday, as in the third weekday. By "Wednesday", I mean my O.C. (original character). Considering that I post so much about other people's galleries, I thought it'd be cool if I introduced you guys to mine. You can catch her over at my account: AnEarnestSmile. She's a panda, no matter how much she doesn't look like one. Her favorite thing to do is wonder. She's young and has as much curiosity as a cat! Her daily costume includes a black dress and a yellow bow. I like the colors yellow and black; they remind me of life (yellow = light, while black = darkness). For her hair, she has a puffy bang with two side buns. If you like her, thanks - it means a lot. I upload new photos of her all the time, so (if you're interested) watch me. The photo on the left was drawn yesterday and is, right now, my most recent drawing of Wednesday. Like all my Wednesday drawings, this one is inspired by a quote.

* You Will Never Know *

Photo Courtesy of the Lovely "icy-soul("
If you're looking for something interesting, keep reading. As I was glancing at the recent uploaded photos on's homepage, I came across something wonderful - the photo on the left! I found the photo so marvelous that I simply had to check out the artist's gallery, in order to see what other outstanding master pieces they had to offer. To my surprise, there was hardly any artwork in their gallery at all - but for a reason. The artist once had many uploads but recently deleted all of them, in order to organize their gallery. All of her photos should be nicely re-uploaded any day now. Until then, how about a mini interview with the talented, young artist? My interview with, "icy-soul", the artist, is below.

* Charm *

Photo Courtesy of the Lovely
Just an adorable necklace I stumbled across, on, by the wonderful Betsey Johnson. Considering that it has a doll formed charm on it, I thought it only made since to talk about it on here. The doll is so cute; I love her rosy cheeks. As you can see, it's $55.00 - but look at it! Definitely something to put on your "wishlist." ~ Lola

* Wander *

Photo Courtesy of the Lovely "nathanclone("
I love when people give their dolls little stories, so meet Valtiel. He's an 18 year old male with an adventurous life that you'll find out about later on in this post. Right now, lets talk about his owner for a moment. His owner's name is Devon and is a 19 year old male from Norway. When I told him that I wanted his doll photos and possibly an interview, he was very nice about it and responded to all my questions super quickly. The mini interview is below.

Friday, June 24, 2011

* Look Around *

Okay, so I've changed a couple of things here:
  • #1, URL/title
  • #2, Template
There are more changes to come, so keep your good eye open! As I was away from this blog, I was working on a few other blogs. They were, like, sequels of this blog. I was eventually going to link my new blogs on here, so you guys could tell me what you think of then, but they didn't turn out as great as I thought they were. I'm done creating new blogs, for now, and am really going to try to update this one a lot more often. I have quite a few new ideas for it, and - considering that summer's here - I'll have a lot of free time, and may even be able to update at least once a day. Huge thanks to everyone who has still been visiting my blog; it's a pleasure to see that this blog still has a few people visiting everyday, even tho' I haven't updated it in over a month. I'll probably share a few of the posts I created over at my sequel blogs on here, through out the week, so (like I said) keep your good eye open! - Lola
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