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Photo Courtesy of the Lovely "icy-soul("
If you're looking for something interesting, keep reading. As I was glancing at the recent uploaded photos on's homepage, I came across something wonderful - the photo on the left! I found the photo so marvelous that I simply had to check out the artist's gallery, in order to see what other outstanding master pieces they had to offer. To my surprise, there was hardly any artwork in their gallery at all - but for a reason. The artist once had many uploads but recently deleted all of them, in order to organize their gallery. All of her photos should be nicely re-uploaded any day now. Until then, how about a mini interview with the talented, young artist? My interview with, "icy-soul", the artist, is below.
My words/questions are typed in a soft purple, while his words/answers are typed in a soft blue - to avoid confusion.

Hey, dollies! Today we're here with.... "icy-soul"! *applause* Greetings, doll - how's life?: Hi there! First, I would like to say that I am a young aspiring photographer and by no means am I a professional and the only formal training I have had in photography is one semester of a high school introductory course where I unfortunately did not learn as much as I had hoped. I did however take visual arts courses throughout high school but nothing past that. Life is busy, but good. Trying to balance my time between class, homework, friends, family, a part time job, other responsibilities and my art can be pretty challenging but I seem to be managing it quite well. *phew* so much to do... but the rewards are so wonderful.

A busy life is a fully lived life. What inspired you to take this photo?: I decided I wanted (and needed) a new photo for my DeviantArt ID and I have always liked the idea of 'what's behind the mask'. It seems to be a common theme throughout much of my art, which unfortunately I do not have fully uploaded on DeviantArt at the moment. For the past 3 years I have noticed myself using the idea of "what's behind the mask" and, for lack of a better phrase, "you can't judge a book by it's cover" in many of my pieces. It goes back to one of my art teachers. She told us to create a piece that was very personal and at that point in my life I had been struggling with who I am on the inside vs. who everyone sees me as. I still have these struggles which is why showing that you cannot always tell who a person really is and the idea of hiding my true self from the world is such a strong theme in many of my self-portraits and personal works. This theme, however, does not necessarily carry over to my other photographs or art, mainly just the ones that directly relate to myself.

The most beautiful artwork comes from within. Is that you in the photo? If not, who is it?: Yes, it is me in the photo. I spent so much time trying to set the tripod up and prepare for the photo but I am quite pleased with the finished piece. It really is rare that I find a self-portrait of myself that I like.

I'm sure all of your self-portraits are great. What's your favorite thing to photograph?:
I would have to say that my favourite thing to photograph is either my cats, flowers or anything macro.

Macro makes for wonderful photos. Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for the photo?: I did use Photoshop however I forget which edition I have... I believe it's Photoshop Elements 9. I find myself turning to Photoshop probably more often than I should. Often when I do use Photoshop on one of my photos, it is just to adjust the exposure back to normal since I don't usually find time to take my camera out until the evening when the light is fading. This image specifically (and a couple others in my gallery that are very similar to it) is fairly heavily edited because I have added some textures and changed the colour hue to something more... 'aged' or 'acidic'.
Yes, I've noticed the "aged" texture; very nice. What's the best thing about I love that I am able to share my art with the DeviantArt community and view other artists' works. It is a great and lively community of artists who range from amateur to professional. It is also a good way to give and receive feedback and constructive criticism on art.

Agreed, indeed. Where did you get the cool theater mask?: I actually bought the mask in the photo from Michaels Arts and Crafts. Like many of my trips to Michaels I went in looking for just a couple new paintbrushes but came out with much more than I had intended. I can't count how many time or how much money I have spent because I went in looking for one or two items but came out with ten or twelve. I really shouldn't be allowed to shop there alone. ;)

Bring a friend next time! Random, but what's it like living in Canada?: Well, it's sort of hard to describe. I have never been asked this question before. I would guess that it is very similar to living in the USA. I come from a small town in rural Ontario, nothing too fancy but also not a farming community. I love taking trips-- I have been to Florida many times with my family and to New York City once with some friends on an art trip. I must say New York was incredible but I love my life here too much to leave for long. Even though the weather changes from fairly hot in the summer to well below freezing in the winter, I love every day of it. I love when the leaves change colour and fall to the ground and the cool chill of a crisp autumn day. I also love the beautiful snow that blankets the ground during the winter and Christmas certainly wouldn't feel like Christmas without the snow. I also love when the new flowers begin to bloom and everything is reborn during the spring and I even love the heat of the sun while sitting next to a pool. Canada is a wonderful place to live and I am so lucky to live here with my family and friends.

I've never thought so much of Canada before; it sounds amazing. Well, unfortunately, dollies, that all from "icy-soul." for today.
Thank you very much!
No, no, thank you! Without you, this blog post wouldn't be possible. For more photos from "icy-soul", be sure to check out her gallery. There aren't a whole lot of photos there right now, but be sure to "watch" her; I assure you her upcoming artwork will be worth this wait. ~ Lola

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