Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"My lamp cast a lovely shadow upon it."

Photo Courtesy of GaiaOnline's member, "London Vere".
Another doll photo!
Token by another person!

I love the lighting on this photo; it brings a lot of attention to the doll's facial expression, and what an adorable doll she is. Also, I got another interview, but this time, it's with the owner of the doll you see here, in the purple ribbon. Same questions, but completely different answers. The quick interview is below!

--What inspired you to take this picture?: in high school i had to take a photograph of colour added to an object by light. i have always had that doll next to my bed side and my lamp cast a lovely shadow upon it.

Besides dolls, what else do you enjoy taking pictures of?: hm. i dont have any certain thing that i photograph. my photography is simple of my surroundings.

What type of dolls are those in the picture (Barbie, Blythe, Bratz, etc....)?: i believe it is called Porcelain. my grandmother made that doll for a fair contest back in her forties, so i do not think it has a specific manufacturer.

Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for the picture?: i did not use any photoshop or photo enhancing softwares. but my camera is 14.7 megapixels.
(i am sorry if some of my english is improper. it is not my mother tongue)

Aww, no worries; your English is just fine. :) Thank you so much for your time, it's been a pleasure chatting with you, and you're cool with this "interview" going on my blog - correct, lol?: yes. thank you for letting me participate in your blog!-- The End.

-Just Lola

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