Friday, August 6, 2010

"Would You Like a Flower?"

Photo Courtesy of
Her eyelashes look so real. I wonder if they're, like, touchable or just painted on.... Anyway, I simply adore this photo; what a fabulous shot! The hair, the dress, the rose - it all comes together so nicely. I'm so happy that I was able to contact the owner of this lovely photo, therefore, ask her for permission to post it here, on this blog. She was totally cool with it, and so - here it is! The owner's name is Bea, and she just so happens to have a doll blog herself. I mean, seriously, you guys, it's remarkable; you've got to check it out!

Bea's (fantastic) blog =

Okay, now, are you guys ready for an interview? The quick interview is below + more photos - from the same shoot!

--What inspired you to take this picture?: A page from my G&L Bible. >w< Besides dolls, what else do you enjoy taking pictures of?: Anything that catches my attention!

What type of dolls are those in the picture (Barbie, Blythe, Bratz, etc....)?: She's a 27cm Dollfie with a New-EB base. :D

Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for the picture?: Photoscape. I used it to adjust the colors a bit. >w<--
Ah, wasn't that a nice interview? Photo time!

I love the scenery; it's filled with such pretty colors.

A cupcake!

Bea's (fantastic) blog =

^ Just a little reminder.

-Just Lola

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Emma Murty said...

Nice blog Lola, I used to have a huge doll collection but I had no room for them at my apartment so they are all still at my Mum's house.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Looking good around here Lola

Just Lola said...

@Emma Murty -- Thanks a ton, and aww - you must have had some collection, lol. :)

@Woodsterman (Odie) -- Haha, and once again; I appreciate it - thank you. <3


Did you find out if those lashes were real or not? They look like they are but I will pass out if they aren't!

Just Lola said...

Aww, no, I haven't - but you know what, I'm going to ask her (Bea), lol; why not! :)

ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More said...

I found you through blog frog. You have such a cute site!! Keep up the good work!

Just Lola said...

@ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More -- Aww, that means a lot to me - thank you! ♥ Oh, and right back at ya - followed. :)

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