Friday, January 7, 2011

"They tell secret stories of my life...."

>January 07, 2011
Photos Courtesy of

Today, I stumbled across a very nice girl on - who happened to be an amazing artist. She was so nice that she allowed me to share her artwork with you guys!

Words from the artist, about the heart sketches, below (written in lavender).
"The hearts I draw on lined paper were all done during class. If it were any other time I would have it on normal paper. They all tell secret stories of my life. They all mean a lot to me."

If you care to see more of this artist's beautifully detailed sketches, please, visit her DeviantArt gallery - XxWolfie--GirlxX. ♥


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Dust'n Lint said...

Lola you found a great artist!

Lola said...

I know, and she's a great person, as well. :)

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