Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still Life

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.com's member, "phiafacerukia"
What a lovely photo. Her hair is so nice! I love that little necklace she has on; goes perfectly with her dress. I'm also fascinated with the angle + the lighting of the photo; great shot! As you figured, there's an interview below - with the owner of the doll. She was so kind. She answered all of the questions with tons of details! Once you guys are done reading the interview, please, be sure to visit Persephany Resendez's Flickr - "phiafacerukia"; she's got dozens of other wonderful photos on there! For now, lets get to the interview I had with her, shall we? The quick interview is below!

--What inspired you to take this picture?: Well at the time I was still attending high school and my photography teacher had placed us all in a state contest. One of the portfolio themes was called Still Life. Which means make something thats not alive appear alive. I had nothing for it. Until a couples days afterwards I was laying on my bed and I looked up and saw all my porcelain dolls above my tv. I was like "oh wow duh!" So I grabbed my most expensive one and took her outside and wah-lah she became alive. haha

Besides dolls, what else do you enjoy taking pictures of?: I take alot of informal portraits, but I use the emotional impact twist on them. It's like when you look at a picture you feel something towards it. Example like baby picture reaction "awww cute". Haha I do happen to take a lot of my baby cousin. But I done two weddings for the family and of course birthday parties.

What type of dolls are those in the picture (Barbie, Blythe, Bratz, etc....)?: That doll was from the Genuine Fine Bisque Porcelain Collection, she is the largest one I have haha. I used her because she had a lot of detail in her look.

Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for the picture?: I used photoshop to crop her face more, at first I was going to sumbit her whole face showing then while talking with my photography teacher we both decided its best to crop her face like the way it is. It shows more attitude well kind of creepy as well.

Done reading the interview? Good! Now you can check out Resendez's Flickr - "phiafacerukia"; I think you'll be surprised at how nice it is.... Seriously, you've got to check it out!

-Just Lola

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h said...

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Just Lola said...

@h -- Thank you, I just visited + left a comment on your blog - take care! :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! I am not very good at taking my own pictures, I've never had "the eye". Thanks for stopping by my blog. I responded to your comment about my graphics.

Have a great week!

Just Lola said...

Aww, yeah, I know what you mean; I've never been good at that, either. Thank you for stopping by my blog, as well. :) Oh, cool, I'll have a look at your respond right now - and you too! ♥

Cre8tive Mocha said...

very nice picture! very creative

Just Lola said...

@Cre8tive Mocha -- Yeah, I know; so thankful that the owner of it allowed my to post it here. :)

Just Lola said...


Silly typo, lol. :(

PhiafaceRukia said...

oh hey that's my picture! (:
i love your blogs!
keep up the great work ^^
see you around <3

Just Lola said...

It sure is, and aww - thank you! ♥

I appreciate it. :)

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