Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sweet 16

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Greetings, peeps! I just thought I'd let all of you know that today is my blog's 1 month anniversary! Oh, and my 16th birthday - which I haven't been looking forward to at all this year, long story, but I suppose it's turning out a little better than I thought it would. I don't really like receiving gifts; I feel bad seeing people spend their hard working cash on me, and so I'm kind of disappointed that I got so many gifts - but, you know, I'm still really thankful for everything that's been given to me from my family and friends + online friends! I really do appreciate all the"Happy Birthday" wishes, and yeah.... Thank you, everybody! Take care.

-Just Lola

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Beatriz said...

Happy birthday Lola~~~~~~~~

--> Rose Crucifix

Jessica said...

Happy birfday, you make me feel old XD

tapa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving some feedback! Congratulations on your blog's one month anniversary and happy birthday :)


Dust'n Lint said...

And again "Happy Sweet Sixteen", Lola

Just Lola said...

Aww, I appreciate it, you guys - thanks~! ♥ :)

Che said...

happy 16th! :)

Just Lola said...

@Che -- Thank you, kindly. :)

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