Monday, January 24, 2011

Colorful Emo Boy

>January 24, 2011
Photo Courtesy of
You guys, look what I came across!

Is this doll adorable or what? The hair, the makeup, the clothes - look at him! The doll's name is Kris. For plenty more photos, check out the owner of Kris' DeviantArt gallery - so-fiii. She has photos of other dolls that you might like on there, as well, so be sure to have a look! My very favorite thing about Kris is definitely his style because, like Kris' owner stated in the interview below, it's just so colorful and unique! Okay, I'm done rambling now; here's the interview!

--How are you?: thanks I'm fine^^

What inspired Kris' look?: seriously I don't know XD One day I decided that I want him to be a colorful boy with unique sense of fashion. Originally I wanted him to be way more emo but I'm really really happy that he has become like this. :3

What type of doll is Kris (Barbie, Blythe, Bratz, etc....)?: Kris is an Asian ball jointed doll (BJD) made of resin.

Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for the Kris photos?: yes, I use PS CS4 (and wish that one day I will actually learn how to use it...>.<) Random, but if Kris had a favorite music band - which music band would it be?: hehe Kris actually has a favourite music band- his boyfriends' (oh yes :d).

And last but not least, this "interview" (lol) will be going on my blog, along with your amazing Kris photos - if that's alright with you?: yes and thank you so much.

*Bonus Photos!*
Again, Photos Courtesy of

As awesome as Kris may be, his owner has tons of other dolls, as well - so don't forget to visit her DeviantArt gallery to view all her dolls!


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That is the hottest doll ever! Now I like things that mimic the "realness" of this life, and that's as real as it gets!

Lola said...

@Falen -- Haha, I know - so awesome. :) I can't believe the owner allowed me to post some of her doll photos here. *grateful* <3

Che said...

This is so lifelike! I thought it was a real person at first!! :)

Lola said...

@Che -- Haha, I probably would have, as well, if I wasn't so used to seeing "real dolls", that is; the clothes, the poses - it's all so realistic.

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