Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Porcelain and Luts dolls and my new fake eyelashes...."

> January 27, 2011
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What a pretty look! The artist describes it as doll-like. For those of you who would like to borrow her fabulous look, I suggest you read keep reading - an interview with the artist is below!

What inspired this "doll makeup" look?: Inspired me few things: porcelain and Luts dolls and my new fake eyelashes. Besides I love delicate and girly look.

What brands of makeup did you use for it? What types of makeup (blush, lip gloss, etc)?: All cosmetics that I use: Under eye concealer - Inglot nr LC 1, Foundation - Faberlic nr 6047, Loose powder - Inglot nr 04, eyeshadow - Bourjois Ombre stretch nr 02, black eyeliner - Oriflame Stylo, lipstick - Inglot nr 910, and like a blush I use pink eyeshadow from MAC 120 palette. I wear also fake eyelashes from Inglot and individual eyelashes from Sephora.

Are you wearing some sort of contact lenses in the photo?: I'm not wearing contact lenses - it is Photoshoop effect (High Pass Sharpen). :)-- The End.

I wish the artist would've made a YouTube video of herself putting it on; that would've been real fun to watch! She posted a couple more photos tho', of this "doll makeup look", in her DeviantArt gallery - same lovely makeup, but different angles. The first angle is the one you see here; for the second angle, click here - and for the third angle, click here!

P.S. this artist has not only cute makeup looks in her DeviantArt gallery, she shares many different styles of art, so be sure to visit her DeviantArt gallery for all of her artwork. -Lola

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