Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wonderful Wonderland

> January 13, 2011
Photo Courtesy of
In case you weren't aware the photo on the left is a drawing - crazy, right? It took her only five days.... I don't know what to say; no specific part stands out on this - the whole thing is perfect!

The artist told me that.... "The Wonderland painting was just done in acrylic paints and then I use some of my PrismaColor color pencils for fine detailing (like on the skin tones). I get them all at Michael's arts and craft store, usually I prefer the Americana or Folk Art brands for the acrylics." I cannot believe this was done by hand - simply incredible.

*Bonus Photos!*
Again, Photos Courtesy of

Remember, you guys, for more outstanding drawings from this amazing artist - visit her DeviantArt gallery!


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