Friday, January 14, 2011

May I pls, plz ask?

>January 14, 2011
Photo Courtesy of *Dolls+Stuffs* (a.k.a. - Me!)
May I ask.... Is it "pls" or "plz"? You know, when you're text messaging someone - and you're trying to type fast. They both mean "Please", I suppose.... but I'm not sure which one's more common. What do you guys think?


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oh it's PLZ...If I got PLS I'd be like WTH lol

Lola said...

@Falen -- Thank you for informing me - and hey, girlie! :) Long time no see; I'm heading over to your blog right now. <3

Dust'n Lint said...

Sorry, I'm an old man, but I do text and I use "please". My daughter in law uses "plz"

Lola said...

@Dust'n Lint -- Thank you! :) I prefer the way that one looks, as well; it reminds me more of "thx" (thanks), and those words kind of go hand and hand.

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