Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"I found my way...."

>February 16, 2011
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Another one of those "hidden-pathway" photos. There have been a whole lot of doll photos on this blog lately, so I'm super grateful to have found this lovely nature photo and, also, the permission to share it with you guys. I really love this photo; it just looks so real and beautiful, and it makes me think of the song "Home" by Daughtry - which is, like, one of the best songs ever. If you've never heard it, you need to hear it.... because the melody is really good and the lyrics are pretty amazing. Okay, back to the post. I was able to get an interview with the photographer of this photo, and she was so nice and cheerful. I think the interview went very well, but tell me - what do you guys think? The quick interview is below!

--What inspired you to take this picture?: Light inspired me to take the picture. There are many characteristics about light that captures my attention... it's just beautiful!

Besides nature, what else do you enjoy taking pictures of?: I love taking pictures of babies, but then again who doesn't? I tend to go more towards landscapes/nature than anything else, but I would say that I enjoy capturing moments of my family.

You've titled this picture "Will you find your way?", why is that?: I gave the photo that title, because it was at a time in my life where I was lost myself. Not only literally (I was in a foreign country by myself, and wondering around a huge city garden), but emotionally as well. I found my way after that trip. :)

Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for the picture?: If I do editing, it is always in photoshop, but recently I've wanted Aperture 3. The only editing I did on this picture was give it a tad bit of a blur so the sun would illuminate more.

Random, but what's your favorite book?: Oh, that's a hard one. I don't read too often, but if I had to choose an all time favorite, I would say Mrs. Mike. One of my current favorites is Three Cups of Tea!-- The End.

As the photographer said (in the interview above), there are many other things she enjoys taking photos of - besides nature, so be sure to check out her DeviantArt gallery to see all of the other amazing things she's taken photos of!


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NOW THIS IS YOU I THINK! The whole layout...THIS IS THE ONE!!!! I got goosebumps!

Cloe Bowie said...

@Thundercat -- Haha, yes, I honestly think so, as well. :D Out of all the layout changes I've had, this one is definitely the most me. :)

Dust'n Lint said...

Beautiful Place!

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