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>February 12, 2011
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I love this drawing so much; it's sad in the cutest way. My most favorite part is definitely the teddy bear. It reminds me of a teddy bear I really want on for my avatar; it's gray, and it has a sad look to it - just like the one you see here. I used to love teddy bears; they were up there with dolls, on my favorite toy list. I'm going to try to post more often about teddy bears, because they're very similar to dolls, and so I surmise a lot of you would probably like to see them on here. Now, back to the post. The artist's name is Sarah, and the little girl in the drawing's name is Abby. Words from the artist (about the drawing): "This is one of my characters, Abby, when she was a toddler. Having been abandoned at the boarding school hours after she was born, she grew up under the care of the school's owner - Heath. He actually adopted her and loved her as he would his own daughter.

Abby had the same nightmare, everytime she fell asleep, for as long as she could remember. Being frightened, she wanted to hug Heath. Her toy panda wasn't good enough anymore. It took Abby weeks to gather the strength and courage to ask Heath if she could sleep next to him because she was scared he would say 'NO, GO BACK TO BED.'

One night, Abby was quite surprised and felt very stupid when Heath said; 'Of course you can sweetie.'"

Aww! Isn't that the sweetest? That's not all, dollies; Sarah was kind enough to allow me to ask her many questions about Abby; the interview is below!

--How are you?: How am I? I have a lot of illnesses, but I manage. Art keeps me happy =]

What inspired you to create an OC (original character)?: Being sick. I was in a very dark place and I clutched onto my characters. They really did save my life and I love all my characters dearly.

Why the name "Abby"?: Abby is one character from a series I have created. I have a special place for Abby as her personality is very similar to my own. I chose her name because it is short for Abercrombie (the monster) which is her nickname.

Do you ever plan to make a webcomic of some sort with Abby (if you haven't already)?: Not at the moment, but I am writing a novel, making short films (You can watch them on this account *BS-designs and in the future, a feature length 3D animated film.

So we know a little about Abby when she was younger, how is she now?: She was abandoned the day she was born and doesn't know who her parents are. She is now 13 years old and her best friend (who is much older) is going to adopt her!

Random, but what was your favorite TV show as a child - and why?: My favourite TV show as a child was Under The Trap Door or Grizzly Tales. I have always been interested in stop motion, so now I am doing my own short films, I really enjoy it!--


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