Thursday, March 31, 2011

"We asked friends and classmates from school...."

* Post date: March 31, 2011. * Photo Courtesy of: jennyjinya( + todeskuenstler(! ♡ Hi, dolls! First actually post in a while; I hope you guys like it. This post is made possible with the help of a girl named Jenny (jennyjinya) + a guy named CAndrew (todeskuenstler); they're the owners of the photo on the left. Jenny is the model you see in the photo, and CAndrew was the photographer. Together, they had lots of fun and shared the photos in both of their galleries. I love Jenny's outfit, and the doll she's holding is simply adorable. I had some questions about this photo that Jenny was kind enough to answer, so a quick interview with Jenny is below!
Questions = written in blue. Answers = written in purple.

Start-->As the model, did you have a say on how the photo(s) should be taken at all?: Oh yes, of course. We planned the shot all together, so I could share any ideas as well. ^^

Did you buy those fashions specifically for this photo shoot?: Parts of it. Many things were donations by friends and family, the rest was selfmade. ;)

Are all those stuffed animals yours?: Not at all, we haven't had any at first, we asked friends and classmates from school if they have any stuffed animals they don't need anymore. So it was all about donations by others as well. We even asked on DeviantArt. ;)

What was the funnest part of taking this photo shoot?: Guess the fact how we managed it in a certain way. Actually we have had much stuff to do, but for any reason we always forgot about the time and took far longer for everything than it was planned... and when we realized that fact we're getting panic all the time, again and again. :D Also, the "Outtakes" was fun to see later at the computer. But in the end, it was fun all the time. ;)

Tell us about the photographer; do you know him/her well?: Awww, he's my personal Mr. Awesome, and one of the most important friends I have. <3 I love how his shots turn out and the ideas he has. It's fun to work with him, and he was really patient with me. XDDDDD<--End

*Bonus Photos!*

(Again, photo courtesy[s] of jennyjinya[] + todeskuenstler[])

Well, that was the interview! Now be sure to check out this model's DeviantArt gallery - along with the amazing photographer's DeviantArt gallery; there are a lot of other really fabulous photos on both of their galleries that you've got to see. -Lola

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Dust'n Lint said...

Hey look, it's a photo of two dolls.

Unknown said...

I love how this photo reminds me of Kirakishou!

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