Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dark and Light

* Post date: April 05, 2011. * Photo Courtesy of: darkfairykara (.deviantart.com)! ♡ Greetings, my dollies! Isn't the photo on the left lovely? The doll owner's name is Kristina, which is funny because this doll's look reminded me of a look Christina Aguilera had in one of the scene's for her music video "Fighter". It was during the bridge, I think. She had on this white dress, her hair was white, and her makeup had this dusty white vibe to it, and it was just really cool. This doll photo definitely has emotion within it, and so I was curious of what Kristina was thinking when she took this photo. Fortunately, she was so kind and answered all of my questions in the little interview below. See for yourself!
Questions = written in blue. Answers = written in purple.

Start-->What inspired you to take this picture?: Hmnn well I love to take pictures of all my dolls. I had just gotten her from my aunt. I was honored to be given one of my aunts first BJDs. I wanted to get outside and take pictures of her while the lighting was nice.

Why do you like photographing dolls?: I guess I like to photograph them because that they are pretty. Plus they don’t move like people or animals. Another thing is that my dolls are kind of my passion. I love them and photographing them is a way to share my love of them with the world. ^-^

Besides dolls, what else do you enjoy taking pictures of?: I mainly take pictures of my dolls, but I do take pictures of other things sometimes. I like to take pictures of flowers, My dogs, and random things I find appealing. I once took a nice picture of these iron hooks on a door while on a photography field trip.

What type of doll is that in the picture (Barbie, Blythe, Bratz, etc....)?: Fay is a BJD aka Ball Jointed Doll. She is a Supia Rhoda sculpt.

Did you use PhotoShop, or any other program/software, for the picture?: No. I actually don’t own any of those types of software. I’m also not good at using them.

Where did you buy Fay's beautiful hair from? If you can remember?: I would tell you if I knew. My aunt had given me Fay and I don’t know where she got the wig. I don’t think she’d remember either since it’s been years since she bought Fay.

Random, but how old are you + how old is Fay?: I’m 19 and Fay I haven’t really came up with an age. She is one of the immortal Fey(faerie) though.<--End

*Bonus Photos!*
(Again, photo courtesy[s] of darkfairykara[.deviantart.com]

I love how that interview went! Kristina answered all of the questions really well. She has a lot of other beautiful doll photos, too; I hope to do another post with her in the future! - Lola

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