Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking....

Photo Courtesy of
Another beautiful drawing by neko490( Her art skills are just so incredible; I had to make a second post on it - I couldn't resist. As I was looking through her artwork, I noticed her blog and Tumblr. I suggest you guys check them out. I really enjoyed my visit at both of them - especially the Tumblr; so fascinating!

-Just Lola

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Things are looking very nice around here Lola. I just snuck over here from Woodsterpens place.

Rachel C. said...

Oh I love this image! There's so much to see and the colors are beautiful. You're blog is very eye-catching as well. Found you through blogfrog, SITSta!

Just Lola said...

@Woodsterman (Odie) -- Thank you so much - and things are looking good (as always) around your blog, as well. ♥ :)

@Rachel C. -- Aww, thank you! <3 I just visited your blog - nice. :)

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